Letter to my eight month old


Dear Baby,

You are eight month old today. Yes!!Eight month old. I will not say what I usually say but really Time flies. How you were a chubby, wriggly, tiny and so delicate new born eight months back and look at you now- this beautiful, tall, laughing, trying to stand on her own little baby girl.

I have been writing letters to you in my head since the day you were born. While I am preserving memories in my heart but what I have realised is that memory is ephemeral. What  I remember today very clearly will soon be clogged with more data and with passing time. So I put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard to write to you before it’s too late. What better day than today when it is your month anniversary.

This past month has been a revelation. This was a month of so many ‘firsts’. You are crossing your monthly milestones with aplomb. While I understand that every child has its own pace to grow, and I am not very much concerned to hit every milestone right on time, but it is a matter of contentment when I see you grow and learn new things at your own pace.

Crawling: You started crawling this month!! and mom’s life has changed..lol. While you have started showing symptoms of crawling from 6th month onwards and were commando crawling whenever you got opportunity, this was the month when you finally crawled. And I was there to witness it. I have recorded it as well. Pat on my back.  How happy and proud I was to see my little baby crawling and making grumpy noises at the same time as if you have placed all your energies to crawl and were motivating yourself with pep talk. Now this mamma is on her toes literally all the time. You have crawled on all fours and have toured the whole house nibbling on slippers along the way.

First Word: You said your first word. On 25th Feb. It was ‘Nana’. I was so elated. Then you graduated to ‘dada’, ‘data’, ‘tata’ etc. but no ‘papa’ or ‘mama’. so much for teaching you how to say ‘Mama’, huh.:) There was a time when you were on a roll and uttering all you had in your vocabulary non-stop. And then you stop. I am waiting for you to talk again. Waiting to hear you say ‘Mama’ .

Clapping: Just one random day, you started clapping your hands by yourself. Now sometimes when you wake up, you sit and clap your hands or just like that you clap your hands because you are happy. ala Pharrell Williams.

Standing with support: When I am lying down beside you, you stand leaning on me. I give you my hands and you hold them and tries to stand on your feet. Given any standing object lying next to you, you try to take its support and stand on your feet. The view from standing up must be great, as how you scan all around after standing. Now you, my little daredevil have learnt one more thing which is, you leave your hand from your support and try to balance on your own to stand independently. Ofcourse, you fall each time but you keep doing it. I am amazed at your perseverence and independent streak and wish that you keep it up.

Smile at strangers: You have been doing this since you were little. But now, before smiling you scan the face of the stranger with your bold stare for long and if you like it and they smile at you, you give them your brightest smile. Have I told you yet that you have the brightest, cutest and loveliest smile in the whole world. Your mouth opens up to a toothless grin and your eyes cringe with happiness that light up the room and my whole world.

Put everything in your mouth: Slippers, shoes, my toes, our toes, blanket, clothes labels, toys, books, your own fingers,bottles, my hair. Enough said.

There is one more thing that you have been doing lately. Sometimes, when you lie on me or trying to stand taking my support, you pause and lay your head sideways on my stomach, shoulder or whatever surface you have access to, for a second or two with your eyes open. It lasts at most for 5 seconds but it is so precious. I can’t describe it in words. I wish I can capture that moment. To me, it feels like I am your shade where you are resting and keeping your guard down. Remember my baby, your mamma is always there for you.

Now a secret. I have not told this to anybody. Not even to your father. These days I see a little dimple on your right cheek when you laugh. And I am secretly happy that you are going to have dimples on your cheek. I don’t know if people are born with dimples or they grow at a later stage, but whatever, you have a little dimple right now.

So dear baby, I promise to write more to you, about you. You have been the best thing happened to me. I am not the perfect mother, God knows that but to me, you are perfect. ‘And I thank you life for giving me this opportunity’.  I copied this heartwarming message from Rafael Nadal’s (you mama’s favourite) winning speech from Wimbledon’2017 but the message conveys my emotions best. Thank you Life for this opportunity to be your mother.

love you,

Your mamma

Photo credit: Picture copied from http://www.footfiles.com/health/childrens-foot-care/article/how-to-keep-your-babys-feet-warm-what-parents-should-know


The __________ in me

I am participating on an Instagram theme “oh lovely woman” where one of the prompts is “the _____ in me”. The blank space is to be filled with anything you think you are. For e.g.: artist, reader, mother, traveller etc. Ever since I have seen this prompt, a verse started building itself in my head, for my daughter. So here it goes:

The ______ in me is no more a ________ any more.

It has stood up,

Turned and twisted,

shifted and sorted,

Folded and molded


The ________ in me is now a ❤️.

Brimming with

Love and care,

wonder and amazement,

joy and happiness


The __________  which is now a ❤️ is no more ‘in’ me.

It is outside.

Tiny hands and feet,

bright eyes,

wide smile

My sunshine.

My daughter.