The __________ in me

I am participating on an Instagram theme “oh lovely woman” where one of the prompts is “the _____ in me”. The blank space is to be filled with anything you think you are. For e.g.: artist, reader, mother, traveller etc. Ever since I have seen this prompt, a verse started building itself in my head, for my daughter. So here it goes:

The ______ in me is no more a ________ any more.

It has stood up,

Turned and twisted,

shifted and sorted,

Folded and molded


The ________ in me is now a ❤️.

Brimming with

Love and care,

wonder and amazement,

joy and happiness


The __________  which is now a ❤️ is no more ‘in’ me.

It is outside.

Tiny hands and feet,

bright eyes,

wide smile

My sunshine.

My daughter.




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